Piece Yourself Together

Ever feel like you are a wanted human? Not in that sexy, “every person in the room has their eyes on you” type of way…or like Britney’s lovely “Piece of Me” song… More like, you feel like you are the foundation for every person in your life and you feel like you are pulled in […]

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Waves of Emotion

I promise I will share with you with more “Secrets Untold”. Part II is typed and ready to go. But sometimes the writer in me just has to share what’s on my heart. I had an emotionally chaotic week. Seems like I would find some peace then another wave of emotion would hit. Then, another […]

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Secrets Untold (Part I)

“You’re only as sick as your secrets” (a saying from AA). As an “emerging yogi” I’m realizing how true this statement is. As I was meditating before the sun came up earlier this week, the word “truth” kept coming to me. There’s no real path to enlightenment in secrets. I have to be vulnerable and […]

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The Break-Up

Dear Inner-Perfectionist, We are breaking up. You are leaving. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s the real me that has made an exit plan for you. You need to go. I know you think that you are praised, that you keep me going on a path to working hard. I know you think that you […]

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